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New Arrivals


It's A Beautiful Day It's A Beautiful Day (Holland)



Frank Zappa Joe's Garage Act I (Canada, Insert)



Talking Heads 77 (Canada, Inner)



Computer Music From Colgate Volume 1 (Insert)



Bill Kehr The Candy Man Swings Sweetly For You (Sealed)



Moody Blues 1981 Tour Program



Pink Floyd A Nice Pair (Canada 1st Press)



The Hollies Dear Eloise / King Midas in Reverse (Shrink)


Best Sellers


Led Zeppelin Song Remains the Same Soundtrack (book)



Talking Heads Remain in Light



Miles Davis Bitches Brew



Eagles Hotel California (PRC 1st Press w/Poster, Sterling)



Frank Zappa Joe's Garage Acts II & III



Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Precision DMM)



Police Synchronicity (Purple Quiex Masterdisk)



R.E.M. Reckoning (QUIEX Brown vinyl)




Dave Brubeck Time Out (Mono, Deep Groove)



Michael Jackson Todos Mi Amor Eres Tu / I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Mexico)



Steely Dan Greatest Hits (Sealed)



Bad Manners Sally Brown (UK)



Frank Sinatra Watertown



Esteban Sanchez Albeniz: Seis Hojas de Album



Frank Zappa Guitar



Impala Syndrome S/T (Promo)