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Frank) The Mothers (Zappa We're Only In It For The Money (UNCENSORED w/Insert)

This is a RARE ORIG 1968 UNCENSORED copy of We're Only in it for the Money, complete with NM original insert in STUNNING CONDITION. PLAYED ONCE! Dead wax trail-off reads: REV-F on both sides, indicating this is the PRE-CENSORED, or original FIRST pressing of this classic album. The original lines in Who Needs The Peace Corps?, Absolutely Free and Let's Make The Water Turn Black, remain (as they should be!), yet were subsequently edited out on later pressings.
Thick DEEP GROOVE vinyl is excellent--played once and recorded to Reel to Reel, and carefully stored for over 50 years. Cover has touch of cornerwear holding grade down. Comes with RARE, ORIGINAL INSERT in Near Mint condition! DEEP GROOVE BLUE 1st Labels are excellent. Songs: 1. Are you hung up? 2. Who needs the peace corps? 3. Concentration Moon 4. Mom and Dad 5. Bow tie Daddy 6. Harry You're a Beast 7. What's the Ugliest Part of your Body 8. Absolutely free 9. Flower Punk 10. Hot Poop 11. Nasal Retentive Caliope music 12. Mother People

Frank) The Mothers (Zappa

Genre: Rock

Condition: NM

Cover Condition: NM-
Label: Verve
Reference Number: V6 5045
Date: 1968

Country: US

SKU: 9530

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